• 美術館概要 日本語
  • この美術館は、日本における抽象絵画の先駆者である坂田一男(*1)の「前衛精神」を引き継いだ平松輝子(*2)と二紀(ふき)和太留(*3)の二人によって1999年に建設された。(旧館は1987年に運営開始)ドイツの現代美術の啓蒙組織であるクンストフェアライン制度にならい、日本全国の会員のサポートを得て、有能な現代美術作家を支援するため企画展を開催している。私たちは1999年よりインターネットのホームページにおいて日本で一番早く展覧会のパノラマ画像の記録を配信した。

  •  「現代美術の系譜と発展」















  • 美術館概要 英語 The Summary of the museum.
  • This Art Museum was founded by Teruko HIRAMATSU(*2)and Wataru FUKl*3)in 1999. They succeeded in spirt avant-garde artist Kazuo Sakata (*1)the pioneer of abstract painting in Japan. The present building was constructed in 1999.This museum runs “Organized Exhibitions” for potential contemporary artists through the support of the Museum's membership all over Japan. This system emulates the Kunstverein, a German organization for enlightenment in contemporary art. We delivered a record of a panoramic exhibition picture earliest in Japan in a home page of the internet from 1999 years.
    Achievements : Exhibitions supported by: the German Culture Center; Officinal Cultural de la EmbaJada de Espana enTokio,; the Embassy of Sweden; an exhibition by intellectually impaired exhibitions ¨Joyful・Art¨, and various photos, Sculpture, lnstallation, and other exhibitions. Periodical bulletins are also issued.Japanese traditional pictures initially reproduced nature's beauty. The first character “u” in the museum’s name means universe, in Japanese kanji character. A founding idea is that nature exists in the universe and that art describes all things in nature.

  • "Genealogy and development of contemporary art"
    What is the modem meaning of the contemporary art? Modern art appeared in the free atmosphere of Paris in the early 20th Century. The terms "avant-garde" and later cubism and abstract painting came into existence. Abstract painters produced pictures that expressed the human consciousness while tending to be free from the object's concrete form.
    Contemporary art further developed into abstract expressionism. De Kooning ; who was one of the major abstract Expressionist, depicted the oppression of humanity. Later in Europe,Joseph Beuys advocated social reform through social art. As art became internationalized, original art had to be pursued more activity in Japan also.

















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