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グループ展 group show
平松輝子、二紀和太留          Teruko HITRAMATSU、Wataru FUKI
個 展 one-man show


If possible, paintings are to be seen in their real form in museums. However, the purpose of going to an exhibition is not merely to see real paintings. It is to look at a number of different paintings by the same artist or artists, so as to perceive their world. Moreover, an art installation is a one-time-only art event. To begin with, It is the very embodiment of the ideas of the exhibition officials, including those of the artist and his spatial composition. There are those installations that we wish they could continue to be exhibited forever, but unfortunately they have a time limit. With the desire to record and save such exhibitions, we launched the Cyber Museum of 360-degree panoramic view. This museum is not intended to eliminate art museums, but to be a new kind of art museum for documenting and preserving semi-permanently the history of art. The Cyber Museum that we established In 1999 is one of the most advanced internet museums in the world.

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